Skin-Care Staples

Good night guys:) Today I will be sharing my staples when it comes to taking care of my skin. I have been using these for years and I literally swear by them. Also, I will be sharing my makeup products that I use every single day. I think I've never shared anything related with my fav products, so I hope you guys like it! 
 - all products linked -

I will start with the 3 moisturizers that I use. The Erborian Red Pepper Pulp is my favorite from all three. I used to use the Estée Lauder DayWear for years and I wanted to try a different one, so my skin didn't get used to the same product. Also, I wanted to find a more natural formula, so I went to a skin specialist and she recommended me this one. It has a very thin and watery consistency, which I love, and it dries out your pimples. 
The Clinique Moisture Surge is the one that I am currently using and I do like it too. The texture is like the other two - not too dense, and very light. Again, I do love all three and I rotate them so my skin doesn't get used to one product. On top of these moisturizers I also apply some serums, but I haven't found one that I swear by. 


Now I will share my favorite lip sleeping mask of all times!!! Honestly, you put it overnight and you wake up with the most soft and hydrated lips. I also use it as a lip gloss to go outside and it works. They also have different flavors, but I have always used this one that is the Berry.

To finish up, I wanted to share some of my makeup staples. The foundation I always use is the Double Wear from Estée Lauder and I haven’t found another one that beast this one. It keeps my skin hydrated, has SPF, and I really like how it blends with my skin color. Also, the bronzer, blush, and highlighter that I use are all from the Refy brand. I absolutely love all the products and the fact that they are very creamy. For my brows, I also use the Refy brow products in the darkest shade.



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