Dom Pérignon

Last week was about our presentations of CW1 coursework. In this project, we researched about how the luxury champagne brand Dom Pérignon could implement sustainable practices for a better planet and environment. Our group consisted of 3 members, including myself, and during the work of this project we gained so much knowledge from researching, brainstorming, communicating, and understanding the in chosen subject in depth. Considering that the three of us were passionate and keen about luxury drinks, this project allowed us to discover this world further and deepen our knowledge about the champagne sector characteristics, specific market analysis, and sustainability practices that the industry could adopt. 

The work process was enriching and educational, and the fact that we could receive feedback while working, significantly helped us to make sure that we had been on the right path. In addition, having to record ourselves for the presentation was a little bit challenging as we had to divide the parts and make sure that nobody was exceeding their speaking time. We worked as a team in full cooperation, dividing the tasks fairly and efficiently. Throughout the process, we had no issues when things had to be done. We have always been available and supported each other if we had a problem or needed help to finish the work at the estimated time. We really enjoyed working on this project, and it was really insightful to be able to see what other groups had done and research about!



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