Gender Equality

This week’s seminar was about gender equality within businesses. To analyze this topic we took a look at a case study about Dior where it explained how Maria Grazia Chiuri, as creative director, signalled a change in the brand’s commitment to gender equality, as she was the first female creative director in Dior’s history. As the […]

Dom Pérignon

Last week was about our presentations of CW1 coursework. In this project, we researched about how the luxury champagne brand Dom Pérignon could implement sustainable practices for a better planet and environment. Our group consisted of 3 members, including myself, and during the work of this project we gained so much knowledge from researching, brainstorming, […]


During last week’s seminar we had a guest speaker and workshop with Ihitashri Shandiliya, the founder of MITHILAsmita. MITHILAsmita is a social enterprise to preserve and promote heritage Indian forms with a focus on ancient madhubani paintings, and support the rural women artists practicing the art through various self-sustainable initiatives. The art of Mithila is […]

Week 6

This week’s topic was about conscious capitalism & the value of purpose, 2 very relevant topics within today’s society. During the online lecture we started with a video of Simon Sinek, which I thought it was very inspiring. Simon is the autor of a very well know book “The purpose of why” which is one […]

Sustainable Beauty

Nowadays, sustainable beauty is a very relevant topic. More people are looking to make their beauty routine sustainable in order to support the environment & the planet. With sustainability and animal welfare, many brands are no longer being tested on animals and big firms are feeling the need to innovate and come up with ideas […]